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PPC – Pay Per Click Agency in Jaipur – India

what we do


Are you looking to Improve your Business?, I don’t think anyone says “NO” to this.

PPC is the solution gaining increased traffic, improved business, advanced inquiry and enhanced leads.

PPC has become the most popular option among internet advertisers who are looking for business traction on high speed. It is one of the best ways of digital marketing than other options like SEO and SMO. Our experts specialize in Google, Facebook & Linkedin Ads.

GBIM possesses expertise in PPC (pay-per-click) advertisement. We have a vast experience of 14 years in digital marketing. Using that experience, we help our clients to drive their business in the perfect direction using strategic planning and realistic consultation.

Whether you are new to PPC or you have ad campaigns already running for your business (all by yourself or with a digital marketing agency); we can help you enhance your results in terms of traffic, leads and business.

Trying a PPC Campaign for the First time?

If you want to start PPC ad campaign for the first time, our experts guide you about the details of your paid campaign, In short apart from technical things like keywords, Ads, Landing page we help you on things like.

Target Audience

Selecting Right Media - Like Google Ads, Facebook, Linkedin or any other social platform

Budget planning

Realistic consultation - Number of inquiries you can expect throughout the Campaign.

Not satisfied with your existing campaign or performance?

In case you have already running Google ad campaigns you must have encountered various issues regarding these campaigns. Our team of professionals will help you in sorting out the issues and problems with your previous campaigns. We will help you to modify your own campaign in order to make them more beneficial and more business-oriented. We will suggest you with the new campaign ideas as well as action and implementation plan for the same.

We will provide you with:

Learn from the errors in the past (Ad Campaigns)

Implement New Strategy - Media, Creativity and Technology

Achieve New Goals - Leads, Inquiry and business.

Any online marketing strategy for the effective ad campaign is based upon two solid pillars: Technology and Creativity. By planning, executing and implementing the ad campaigns through our strategy we deliver effective results and enhanced business opportunities for our clients.


Technology is the basic pillar of any successful ad campaign. We believe in the efficient use of technology. You cannot run a successful PPC campaign with only using Google Ads or Facebook Ads Platform. In order to save the time of monitoring ad campaign, Reporting, Bidding, Behaviour and many other important elements/Signals, you need to integrate the third-party tools. This makes your processes fast – “Quick processes mean Quick results!”



Creativity is one of the major aspects that can set your ad campaign stand out to the campaigns of your competitors. We involve the innovative and creative ways to engage your customers and make them convert into traffic and leads for the comprehensive growth of your business. We use creativity in an effective way following a few vital steps:

Think Different and come up with innovative promotion strategies

Catchy and engaging Headline

A compelling Call to Action

Simple but attractive, engaging ad campaigns

Search Advertising

Search advertising is alternatively known as paid search advertising. Google advertising and search engine marketing is a marketing technique that focuses on search engine results in online advertising.

Mobile Advertising

Mobile advertising is communication on mobile devices and smartphone. The range of mobile advertising ranges from short text messaging (SMS) to interactive advertising.

Video Ads

Reach potential customers if they watch or search for YouTube videos–and pay only if they show interest. Video ads can help you increase your brand’s awareness by attracting attention and increasing demand.

Facebook Ads

Facebook ads is a straightforward and sophisticated way of online advertising. Create and run campaigns with simple and easily-read reports. Use self-service tools and track their performance. Every month 2 billion people use Facebook. This provides a great opportunity to target the niche audience for increased reach.

Display Advertising

Display advertising is a type of online advertising which includes banner advertisements, diverse media and more. In contrast to text-based advertisements, display advertisements rely on elements such as images, audio, and video to convey the message.

Google Shopping Ad Campaigns

Sell products to the buyers who are most important— those who are looking for what you offer, whether at home, on the go or in the shop. You pay only by clicking on your website or viewing your local inventory.

Remarketing Ads

The key to increasing the incomes of your business is by making the people who see your ads take action into contacting you for getting your product or service.

LinkedIn Ads

LinkedIn advertising helps companies to meet their business objectives. On LinkedIn, there are more than 560 M active professionals. Target them by job title, function, industry, etc. LinkedIn ads are helpful to assist you for brand awareness or even event registration.

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